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I have no idea if I make sense here, but I think the grey pressing will exceed the number of 200-300 pressed by far. I’m more thinking of 1,000 – 1,500 (same as I Am One vinyl). My guts feeling says that the grey pressing for Tristessa is just as much on the market as the I Am One 7". I can not really proof that, so I might be completely wrong here. Shoot this to pieces, if you like.

But also, when I compare the Tristessa grey vinyl with another rarity like La Saga Racontee CD (approx. 125 pressed) then I see the grey pressing for Tristessa around 10-15 times more on the market. So both ways I reach a number of 1,000 – 1,500 pressed for Tristessa grey vinyl. No?[/quote:19m3e2o2]
i don’t agree with this way of thinking.

i don’t think the grey tristessa has the same ebay presence as the i am one 7". (but then that’s just my feeling, of course.)

on top of that, the amount of copies on the market does not necessarily represent the amount of copies pressed. it’s not because you see the grey tristessa ten times more than that french promo cd, you can calculate 10 * 125 = 1250 and assume that’s a good estimate for the amount of grey tristessa vinyls pressed. i can see the logic behind that, but why would it work like that? that french cd is so rare. how many times have you seen it for sale? i think the error margin is way too big here. maybe for items that were made in larger quantities (thousands) this method of estimation might work better.