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the album sounds MASSIVE…!!!
super super super clear… very very crisp!

as for the SD bonus:

02. Siamese Dream -> TOTALLY different song to the Disarm 7: B-side; oh my god how they butchered this sister to HKK into the b-side version?! amazing song, great Pumpkins-jam! THE TRANSITION BETWEEN GISH AND SD as far as I am concerned…!!! :))) Amazing work there… Pumpkins-prime!!!! :) :) :) with LOADS of Hendrix in there, just listen to the very end… :)

(BC is SO right in his interviews on the re-issues— imagine this (and more to come and Pissant!) on SD…?! it would not have worked in any way!)

18. Soma -> no mega production, basically the ‘same’ as the album… but with a different break/solo part… DIRTY distortion after the mellow part…


MASSIVE might be an understatement. I can’t believe how many layers you can actually hear this time around. There is so much separation and room to breathe that I can hear so many details I didn’t realize were there.

Siamese Dream: This version is incredible when compared to the 7"
also, I can’t help but laugh when Billy gets silly. He even cracked himself up twice. The end puts me in stiches :lol: