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Here you go Arthur, my first post :wink:[/quote:11l7ear3]
Welcome Jeroen, I’m proud of you my son! :P

Based on some reactions I got by email about this post, I reorganised the pics on SPfreaks from lighter colors to darker colors (good idea, thanks Sven!). I have numbered the pics in a way that makes it easy to upload extra full scans in the future, from other owners.

And to answer a question about a slideshow tool: no, it is not implemented yet, however it is on the list of things to do of RedWolf the developer.

And when I look closely to your pics Cool As Ice Cream, I notice at least 2 other color variations, marbled pink and (unmarbled?) red! When you manage to make full scans someday, it would be pretty cool to put them between the others for comparison. And that black version too of course. Pretty cool discovery that is!

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