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i will check all my sd vinyls and let you know about the matrix codes. (i think they are all the same, but i’ll check again and confirm.)[/quote:3pztkzhm]
Jeroen, as you still have the 8 copies we scanned last Saturday, could you please do the same? Thanks.

Sven, am I correct when I state that a "different pressing" should have different matrix codes and a "different press run" is (most likely) divided by the color schemes when it comes to organizing the Siamese Dream vinyl?

In that case I would suggest the following 6 press runs for Siamese Dream (just like Cool As Ice Dream did before):

-(Dark) Purple

Is this a workable categorization to you all vinyl owners? In the end I want to put this in the SPfreaks Collection as 6 different item uploads, hopefully all with good examples (scans) of this colored vinyl.

And another question to you all (presuming that first record 1 is being pressed in a certain quantity, then the moulds get changed and then record 2 is being pressed, the reason why so many colorvariations can appear in the same sleeve), does this colorvariation within the same sleeve add to the collectors value of the vinyl, or not? Take for example row 6 last 4 pics (the spine close ups of the "maroon" vinyl, from an American collector) on … &item=1102 ? In my humble opinion it doesn’t, but again, I’m no vinyl collector. I would probably pay a bit higher price for 2 records that have (almost) exactly the same color(-variation), but how do you deal with this matter? Just curious.

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