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yeah, but now thanks to a friend pointing out some things, I am understanding why Billy did this.

He has been working on 4 different things over the last few months, with a lot of pressure to get things right, he has not been getting enough sleep (as you can tell from the recent videos) and someone attacked his band, who he has been feeling very at home with for last year or so. It was a last straw, and the stress took over and he lashed out. Dude just needs some sort of therapeutic time-out. 8)[/quote:2qbjfjyk]

Honestly, i dont know why she would attacked his band, honestly.I mean, she has her own band (cant remember the name) What would she do if Billy attacked her band, telling her, her music sucked ( which honestly, is horrible in every possible way, for what i heard) and criticize bands members, saying they sucked.She should know better.

They should both sit down and talk about it like adults, insted throwing mud after each other, which is pointless.

In loving memory of Bimbolin.