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Hope does not count, because Billy recorded it solo, and because they never played it live. This seems a bit arbitrary to me. A lot of Pumpkins songs were recorded by Billy Corgan alone, or were never played live. (Would you change your mind and consider the Pumpkins birthyear to be 1986 if they had played Hope live?)[/quote:2vxpw0e9]
wasn’t hope a marked track anyway on some rumoured tape?

And if you consider everything before 1988 not to be the Pumpkins, it isn’t even a lie.[/quote:2vxpw0e9]
true cool. i never thought of billy telling us lies, only not to be too outspoken about some things like ron being in the band and so on. but he couldn’t deny it anyway anymore as i found pics on here from the never ever changing …uhmmm… wait, let me look that one up… nothing ever changes i mean, that tape. it’s gots ron name on it!

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