Reply To: What is the latest Pumpkins related item you bought? (cont.)

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On jeroendocter wrote:
the Daughter flexi disc came in today

it was for 250 dollar on discogs

I made a (funny) offer of 30 and strangely it was accepted[/quote:2od87dyy]
Un-be-lie-va-ble! The seller must have been drunk accepting that. However, doesn’t matter, you win big times here. A while back I tried that on a Siamese Dream pink vinyl, which was offered for 125 Euro or something, and I tried an offer of 50 Euro. Not accepted. Ah well, I pretend not to be a vinyl collector anyway. :?[/quote:2od87dyy]

I made a offer of €32,- on a pink SD last week and it was accepted
but it was not realy pink , but more between pink and peach