Reply To: What do you honestly think about Billy Corgan being ing GH4?

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I don’t think it’s selling out at all.

I mean, guitar hero has become huge in the music world. Everybody loves it. I expect when Billy was offered that, he didn’t think "Oh cool more money/exposure/etc." but something more along the lines of "Friggin’ sweet!".[/quote:1h9udrg2]

Yeah I’m with you, I’ve never actually played any of the Guitar Hero/Rock Band type games, nor do I have any desire to, but I am a gamer, and the thought of being able to see myself in a game, even one I didn’t like, I wouldn’t think twice, I’d be straight in :P
I don’t know if Billy plays games at all, but I imagine his reaction would have been more along the lines of "sweet I’m going to be in a game!!" rather than "kerching!!" :P