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There’s also a silver discs Boot version. I myself didn’t see many of those around, I’m guessing they’d not have sold too well; or produced many copies (?):


that’s a funny thing…

the 2CD set was made by the guys from the Dutch TSP fanclub / newsletter NSPN…
Jeroen, Vincent, Anne and me were involved.
You can see our initials at the back :)
Jeroen did the editting and the artwork.
We used the Q101 version to produce this for the people of the fanclub / newsletter and put it up for download for free of course only.
Some bootlegger got a hold of the artwork and decided to make this into a bootleg release to be sold.
Nothing even changed in the artwork only that we had made a black one for the album and a white one for the three EPs, hence the CR numbers on the back liner; the album one only had one CR code of course :)