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thanks. i’ve slowed down lately. (trying to save up some money) and i really jealous of / admire ayoe’s cassette collection. i was peeping that shit last week. and yours…what can i say about yours? last time i looked at yours, you were at 599. now 714! fuck man![/quote:13ewxf96]

Funny part of this, i admire youres and dereks cassette collection, i think you 2 guys have the best cassette collection here.I still have long way to get close to you guys, especially Dereks cassette collection.[/quote:13ewxf96]

thanks ayoe, but i only have 8 cassetts on my ownerlist. the coolest ones i have are the ones i got from the chick who used to work at virgin, and the ones i got off of ebay france from earlier this year. once i scan those in, then i’ll be deserving of the compliment.

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