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So far i’ve been fairly lucky, especially since probably the worst incident i’ve encountered myself, my own stupidity really. I bought a couple of items of on ebay user. He emailed me after the bid saying he had rare items he wanted to sell. So i asked him what and he replied with such items such as the first metro cd from the last metro and some other highly sort after and rare items. So i sent him $200 in the post, excited about getting ahold of some really rare items all at once. The origina items i bought on ebay arrived fine. The ones he emailed me about didn’t, i never heard from him again and he dissapeared off of ebay shortly afterwards.

I have learnt my lesson.[/quote:3kah7i0f]

What an asshole!!!! I had a guy offer me the BR Siamese Dream 12", after I bought a BR CD from him and it actually worked out. But I rarely do that.

Recently, I bid on the MCIS dawn to dusk US acetate CD. EXTREMELY RARE. Well, I got outbid. So the seller emailed me a few days later saying the other guy didn’t want it. Asked me if I’d honor my bid, I came down like $50 and asked him to list the item under a code we both came up with for BuyItNow. So both parties were covered. Just a suggestion if you ever run into similar situation again. If they won’t do that, then it’s not worth the risk!

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