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tarantula was out before the first show in paris, on may 22.[/quote:2aqas78z]
I need brain surgery, you are right.

Some Zeitgeist and Tarantula info:

15-05-2007: First announced to be released on Saturday 07-07-2007, Zeitgeist release date is now corrected to Tuesday 10-07-2007. This last date is more according the music industry’s standards. Tarantula is mentioned on many websites as the new single, and at least Q101 radio played a teaser of 30 seconds of it already on 14-05-2007. Meanwhile the DJ of Q101 stated a few times they will play the full song on 21-05-2007.

16-05-2007: today the artwork for the new release Zeitgeist has been reveiled by the Smashing Pumpkins. Interview about the artwork and the artist is found at

18-05-2007: today KROQ radio USA was the first to play the full version of Tarantula.

21-05-2007: today the downloadable version of Tarantula becomes available on iTunes.

XX-06-2007: Tarantula CD promo.

02-07-2007: Tarantula CD single.

Still it’s kinda weird to have a Mexican CD release dated back to May, don’t you think so?

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