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another site got their name from that song too. :wink:[/quote:2qi7um8z]
Must be HipstersUnited then. :lol:

But yeah, this site is also linked to Cherub Rock. We are freaks here, either fan-wise or collecting-wise, and it’s the first word of the first song of Siamese Dream, my favourite album. How much more cross-reference do you want? So, 5 years ago I thought SPfreaks would be a pretty cool name… :wink:

Back to topic, I was in a long distance relationship also for almost 3 years with an Asian girl I met online, and I was not much into it either at first. But it happened based on some silly jokes that made me laugh, same music taste, few pics and then after about half a year my first visit to her. We had some issues to overcome, personality-wise & culture wise, but we are now living together for a month already. And so far I’m very glad I hold on to this relationship. We had to learn each other by talking instead of having physical contact, so the lusty part couldn’t influence the decisions too much… You get what I mean I guess. :wink:

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