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which therefore begs the question as to why all the hassle with even two different vinyl pressings of this single for a song taken from a commercially failing record by an act failing to address a new audience commercially…?[/quote:hzxo2u7f]
i guess they made the decision to release this 7" in both uk and us, for whatever reason.
and then they looked at what would be the cheapest option: press it once and export, or press it twice. i assume pressing it twice ended up cheaper, which is why they chose to press it twice.

look at all cd releases: even a silly ep like american gothic got pressings all over the world. (except the us. but i think that was because they decided not to have a cd release in the us, for whatever reasons.)
clearly they do that because it’s cheaper this way.

exceptions i can think of: special releases like the tafh box, or that zeitgeist deluxe edition (book-like). these were all made in the us, and then distributed all over the world. clearly in this case, manufacturing was too expensive to manufacture it on different locations.