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By the way, TONS of people asked where i got my SPFREAKS shirt, and where to get one, or if i had some to sell. There should be some ppl joining the site soon!![/quote:3sifrlpe]

HAHA! awesome! see, those t-shirts really are awesome :lol: get the online store up already arthur :) :lol: [/quote:3sifrlpe]
Remember this one guys? :wink:

Shop is almost finished, though the finishing touch still needs to be done by RedWolf. His wife started working again recently, and they got 2 kids and a baby to take care of, so… All girls, you get what I mean :wink: .

People can always drop me a message at to pre-order a shirt. The fixed price will be € 25.00 including shipment worldwide. Sizes run from S to XXL. Pre-payment by PayPal only on I will start shipping them even before the shop is online.

And toad32r, awesome job, those pics and advertising around for SPfreaks! 8)

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