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Amazing also: Purr Snickety was digitally compared to the only known digital source from 2005/04/05. This online source is cut at 16,000 Hz, while, as stated above, the tape gives the listener 20,000+ Hz. We can call this Purr Snickety version the highest quality version around at this moment. At the same time we can say this proves the authenticity of the tape, as only a studio master could be used to create this tape.[/quote:81avpge3]
Are you sure this is the correct conclusion?

I mean, if you would record the 16kHz track to cassette and then transfer it back to a digital file, will it still cut at 16k? Or does the cassette add some noise that possibly changes this property?

I personally don’t know, as I never tried it. But if you want to conclude that only a studio master can have been the source for this track on the cassette, you have to be sure it would have been impossible to create this tape with the iTunes file, or with a vinyl rip.