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I mean, if you would record the 16kHz track to cassette and then transfer it back to a digital file, will it still cut at 16k? Or does the cassette add some noise that possibly changes this property?

I personally don’t know, as I never tried it. But if you want to conclude that only a studio master can have been the source for this track on the cassette, you have to be sure it would have been impossible to create this tape with the iTunes file, or with a vinyl rip.[/quote:r99cqxi3]
The tech guy told me this. Every tape has tape hiss in the higher regions, mixed with sound. When a digital track is cut, it just has nothing above the cut. Utter silence, no digital statistics. And a vinyl rip is rather easily noticed, same as a tape copy, as the hiss and other disturbance is "doubled up". Also ageing creates loss, which was not visible on this tape. Overall, the digital statistics of this tape were just too… good to be true. The whole tape, including Purr Snickety, contained visible traces of sound and/or tape hiss in areas where you wouldn’t expect them.

However there is a point in your comment which was not that clear in the report. Purr Snickety is a track that hardly comes (or even doesn’t come) above the 16,000 Hz by itself. It was the overall listening experience of 3 people, combined with the digital analysis that made us realise this tape was pretty cool and of an awesome quality. Presuming it is not a hoax tape, and Purr Snickety was only available after 2005 from iTunes, the only source could have been in the studio. Meaning this version of Purr was the best one available between 1993/1994 and 2005 outside the studio. Even now it can compete with the iTunes version, as it has every tiny little sound that nobody can hear above the 16,000 Hz. I hope this clears it up a bit.

When it is a hoax tape, it’s a pretty good one. Its looks and feels are pretty right, and it even smelled right (another way to determine things, yes!). For the moment however we trust the seller to have sold a genuine Virgin inhouse tape, mainly based on his email. But the collector’s value has dropped a bit as it didn’t contain the songs from the very promising tracklist.

(I hope I told the right things, if not I’m sure the other guys will kick my ass and I will report that here soon after :P )

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