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plus, i think its kind of offensive that he thinks that he will bring in the women voters with this choice just because she is a woman. its like we aren’t so dumb that we are going to for vote anything in skirt (or a pantsuit) just to put a woman in there. they need to be able to do the job too. :roll:

she has no experience and there has been one thing after another revealed about her that is a bit on the questionable side. it makes you wonder how much thought really went into this choice.[/quote:2hwqqqpu]

It’s kind of like the black voters will vote for Obama because of his skin color. It’s ridiculous. A good candidate is a good candidate, regardless.

People keep saying that this election is already a shoe-in for Obama, but I can’t stand by that. In 2003, we all said there was no way that Bush could be reelected. The last time I remember any election being a sure thing was in 92 with Clinton. I have never seen such support and overwhelming admiration for a nominee. In 96, I actually got excused from high school to go vote for him :D

But, here’s hoping that McCain keeps making bad choices. I honestly didn’t think they stood much of a chance before any nominations were announced, but him saying and doing all he’s done just helps my hope more and more.