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she is very nice looking, i think that will help her.

and i will find that transcrpirt if i can probably later on today, as right now i am only in front of the computer because the dog needed to go outside. i have been in bed since earlier and plan on going back.

but i like her, yeah, everyone has some ghosts in thier closets, but i think she is a good choice, alot better than old biden. who has been wrong on all the big issues since regan. and yes he has been in the senate since NIXON was pres. that is a long ass time.

i am a dem, and the dem ticket is looking pretty poor to me. but i was a hillary suporter, and wanted to see her name in obamas place right now. so i am a little bitter.[/quote:7f3p34yi]

biden has experience. so does mccain. if you want to compare how old the two are, just look at mccain’s term as well. if you’re going to jab one, jab the other.

i don’t like palin. i think she is overly-underqualified to be a heartbeat away from the presidency. you could say the same about obama, but to me, he’s proven himself worthy, in the short period he’s been around. palin? no.

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