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I dont really agree with government and a lot of their laws, that hasn’t changed.
It’s more that i just don’t want to be a problem to anyone, or cause hassle. I dont want to make other people feel bad or inconvienienced (sp) in any way……………and i hope they respect me at the same time.

I moved out of home when i was 21, to the city about 100km’s away. I moved in with my brother and we used to have lotsa fun (mainly illegal fun). We used to go back to the parents place every weekend!

About 2 years later i moved to another city (in this country), but have never been overseas let alone lived overseas! I live back in my original city now.

Moving home would be such an effort now, for me. It would take a lot of motivation and inspiration for me to move away now.[/quote:2xbrz33p]

lots of people have issues with governments. what are yours?

i’m a little of the opposite. if someone is causing me, or anyone else harm, i will get in their face and let them know about it.

this is completely different from how i used to be, hence, the thread. i’ve changed in that aspect.

in my time of dying