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In that case, you could consider our so-called instincts as programmed software. I once read that there is no such thing as free will; you realize that you did something milliseconds after doing it. They measured that with brain scans and such. Does that mean that that is simply our program running? Just doing the things it is supposed to do, while creating the illusion of a free will?[/quote:34gbrpkk]

super interesting, gloom. however, in this experiment, i would question the rate of response by the instruments measuring the response by our own internal instrument – the brain. what i mean is, if a brain uses electricity to communicate messages across one’s body, which it does, they are sent at the speed of light, or just shy. even a machine that could measure that velocity would be hard pressed to return it’s own measure of that response, either concurrent, or after the response, in a truly accurate manner. i see the delay as only a measure of the instruments used to gather the information. much in the same way we can never study the stars we see, as we are only studying light that is a few to millions of light years away. we can study light in reference to ourselves, but there is a delay that we always seem to disregard as irrelevant or not important. it’s just on a much more micro scale. hope this makes sense?

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