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how would a computer get fucked up? is that possible? would their buzz die off and then they would crave more? they already get viruses and sick, just like humans, why not get fucked up too?[/quote:2u6ttz6s]
Humans have a free will (or as some would say, can make a choice) to get fucked up, computers don’t. In the case of computers, it are always humans that fuck them up. Always. Or let’s put it like this; in the end there is always a human being in control of the fucking up.[/quote:2u6ttz6s]

i don’t think that is true. i think a human may start the process. sending a digital shot of THC via cable wires to other computers on the network. those computers, in turn, either receive the buzz, or don’t, depending on their availability to receive and also preprogrammed responses. but after that, a computer is operating independent of human control. it’s using a bunch of if then statements to decide what to do with the information it just intercepted. much like we do with the information we receive daily, from advertisements, drugs, allergens, etc. we have preprogrammed and/or learned responses to these signals. i see them as almost identical.

i think what separates us currently, however, is computers/robots really have no pleasure center. whoever built us, gave us this pleasure center, or if you don’t believe in that, evolution created a pleasure center in our brain over time. and since it is there, you would make the assumption that we are better off as a species with it than without it, with regards to survival.

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