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it was not quite a ‘top notch’ release.

opened state, with the above checked and OK…
i’d say LiD might fetch somewhere between USD 75 – 125 depending on the condition…
(…the market just fluctuates and you can never really tell…)

good luck.[/quote:1gcri61o]

1. Agreed…not top notch. Although limited still isn’t sealed and was played.
2. Agreed…currently might fetch UP TO $125. Although, if someone is desperate enough they could find one on ebay currently for $260. You never know who thinks this is a good deal.
3. Agreed…the market fluctuates. Today I might be willing to part with $50 for something that next week you could get me to pay $150.

Figure out "what is it worth to you". Either to buy or sell. That’s the ultimate deciding factor for me.