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but remember this: back in the 90s with the disfunctional family TSP was, D’Arcy was around and – BC has said so much himself – she was one of the very few people capable of telling him he was full of shit and thus keeping a very strict level of "quality control" in terms of keeping matters in check… this is not to advocate a return to those difficult times or a comeback of D’Arcy. this is to say however that i have the feeling a D’Arcy-like figure is very much so missed in more recent times when it comes to BC’s releases.

It seems to me that Jeff these days has a much bigger influence on the direction and quality of the band than D’Arcy ever had. Oviously I don’t have any hard evidence for this, but since Jeff’s by far the better musican (better than D’Arcy, that is) I think Billy values his opinion more than hers.

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