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wow, that’s deep superlord… you think they care here? maybe they do huh… it’s a good rule anyway. but to be honest, i don’t have time to post all the time also, but whenever i see something that interests me, like vids these days, i first think of this forum to post it on to get things going a bit. you know they asked me to help testing this board just before it went live, and then asked me if i wanted to keep this nick, so i said yes. and now i feel responsible a bit hahaha! :lol:[/quote:3gl9cd88]
hah awesome about the testing thing. that explains why you’re the first member on the memberlist
i dont count the mods and so forth as being the first
so yeah. awesome.
i just saw it posted on the smashing pumpkins home page, and joined. truth be told, its the only lace i post to… i’ve tried elsewhere after starting on this one… and it just isnt as good. i prefer this place, nice and simple in my opinion :)

So apparently I don't post very often these days