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yeah toad32r (in my head i always pronounce it toadeater… thats what understanding 1337 talk does to you :lol: ) has gone A.W.O.L. holidays i bet.[/quote:16o6do0y]
now you lose me mister… i’m too old to have learned that hahaha! but i wanna learn, what is 32 – eater? 1337 talk? AWOL? please explain[/quote:16o6do0y] like i said, its mostly in my head :lol: 1337 is an online slang, used only by ‘noob’s and people who are like experts at whatever it is (who only use it sarcastically). 3 = E basically, and 2 starts with t, and his name has r at the end… so you get toadea[E]te[2]r… hah that probably made me sound like an imbecile :lol:
and you’d think i’d know what AWOL means… im pretty sure its a military term thats been adapted to indicate that someones missing without reason, or hasnt been herd from in a while.
but the 32 bit is really just me, by the way :lol:
ANYWAY this is getting incredibly off topic
i enjoy zeitgeist
by no means as good as previous releases
but a damn fine record all the same :)

So apparently I don't post very often these days