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i think they are just pumpkins t-shirts that mention "420", in reference to the many pot smokers in asheville.
Nice info, and it’s true actually. Billy mentions this smoking and weed things many times during the Asheville gigs, and he seems to be in a wondering kind of critical mood. I listened to many of his remarks and stage banter this weekend while setting up the setlists/tracklengths in the Tour/Recording History section, and it looks like he didn’t want to cause to much problems about it. He also mentioned somewhere in Asheville he is still single, so this "marriage" story of some Veronica is also untrue I think. Creating a hoax that girl? Think so. But I do believe Billy when he says he’s against drugs. And as I have not seen that 420 shirt yet (somebody on MySpace promised to send pics of it, but I believe it takes a while… thanks anyway on here for the 420 explanation!) I cannot tell if it’s just making fun about it, or a serious appeal to people to smoke pot.

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