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Superlordspamulon I just noticed your signature from vampires will never hurt us – love that line too
early sunsets is my fave on IBYMBYBMYL

oh crap double post – sorry[/quote:3ez06p02]
hah yep :)
vampires is awesome. i love that song, and i use that line as something of a signature :lol:
it’s in my msn name… on anything i photoshop then make public (usually)… and so forth
and early sunsets is AMAZING! it’s so beautiful and tragic and just awesome! i actually interpreted it’s story into a short story for G.C.S.E coursework in english :lol:
Bullet’s has to be their best album by far… it’s my fave album over-all ever :D such a shame that their not playing any songs off of it any more, live :cry:

haha i lovce mcr. i’ve even got the three rare vinyl-only singles they released early in their career, and bid/got my dad to bid on the ultra rare (as in 100 printed and not all of thsoe made it to the public) promo, ‘Like Phantoms Forever’. but i lost :(


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