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ugh who could compare my chemical romance to the Pumpkins? I mean, sure, MCR has had a few songs but overall, at least to me they’re just overgrown emo kids. I can’t believe Gerard or whoever he is can compare himself… they are completely different animals… In my opinion, obviously SP wins by far.. MCR is just too emo for me. plus… this is a pumpkins site… doesn’t it seem obvious that most people would say the pumpkins?[/quote:14edw68s]

(sorry for the following hostility but this is a topic i am VERY hot on…)

MCR aren’t emo
and if you’re calling them emo, sorry, you have no idea what emo is

emo is a genre that started in the late 80’s (yes, seriously) when NYC hardcore band Rites of Spring got bored with singing songs about killing the prez and started singing personal songs, songs that meant something to THEM. and the ‘more-hardcore-than-thou’ HC dudes started mocking and disregarding this movement, coining the term emo (as in emotive hardcore). this label died somewhere in the mid-90’s, but you can still find real emo bands in places. what’s being branded as emo these days (mcr, fall out boy, panic! at the disco etc.) are NOT emo, it was just some lazy journalist stealing a name.
think of it as the alternative label. we ALL know how much of a catch-all-genre name that was, and it became meaningless, right? and that is sort of what this modern ’emo’ is, except with more negativity surrounding it.

and frankly, SP could be considered more emo than mcr. fact.
mcr have songs that are very obviously trying to help a depressed youth, whilst also giving an outlet for the bands depression, but not whining.
SP have some veeeery obviously ‘whiny’ songs, or songs that seem to conform to the stereotype of what an emo song should be. off the top of my head, ‘pink ribbon scars, that never forget’. a reference to :shock: shock! self harm!

so yes. please know what you’re talking about before you start criticisng/accusing or whatever.

*ahem* i’ll be nice now :) promise! :D

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