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Wonder what that different plan might be, huh? Maybe 444 songs instead of 44?[/quote:29ry703f]


man i really feel in the minority here. this second EP isn’t as good as the first one to me. i’m just not excited to hear these songs like i used to be.

as for that teargarden/gold obelisk thing, i have no desire to acquire this rarity. i heard the alt theme and it’s barely listenable. and top it off with cottonwood symphony (the turd) for the latest release.

count me out man. don’t get me wrong, i like teargarden so far, but i don’t see EP2 as any sort of promising return to form.

the way the songs are being released is fine by me if that is what the band wants to do. but when the tracks finally hit the internet, i’m in no hurry to listen to it. it’s like, i’ve waited 6 weeks to hear this, why not go for 6 months? i’ve bitched about this before (elsewhere) so i won’t continue. it’s just a fact for me: i can’t stand the release format. it completely destroys any semblance of giving a fuck for me.

i am also somewhat nostalgic for the past. anything before zeitgeist was pretty solid and awesome to hear. these new songs seems somewhat disposable, i don’t know why.

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