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i find it hard to believe some of you had never heard these songs before you read this thread. my face right now: :shock:[/quote:1vaj8uji]
Don’t be too hard on them Cool As Ice Cream. Now that we are having this board since a few weeks, and slowly building our own community here, we recognize there are a few different types of fans/collectors of Smashing Pumpkins. The oldtimers with lots of knowledge that are around for a few years is 1 group, but there are also the younger fans of 15, 16 years old. They are discovering the older cd’s, RSPAA and other things as we speak. I believe Superlordspamulon and Tree_Spirit are amongst them (spank me when I’m wrong guys!), and we should give them a fair (and more then a fair) chance to pick up, discover and learn. And they do, I’m sure. And I’m more than willing to go that road with them.

For example, there’s this Canadian guy Gianluca I have on msn since a few weeks, he is 16 years old if I’m right, he works with a Windows 98 pc, is not able to download things sometimes, working hard to get his own laptop, don’t want to talk on boards and so on, but 1 day I tell him something, the next day he knows more than me, because he’s a researcher pur sang. I have sometimes contact with a Chinese girl from Luxembourg, only on MySpace. She has almost no money to go to concerts, she has to work hard in the restaurant of her parents but she is 1 of the biggest SP fans I know. Another example, a guy (from the US) is only emailing me almost every week on my private email account with questions and stories. And I consider them also part of the SP community, though nobody knows about them, unless they start posting somewhere and make themselves known.

Talking about myself, I have been a cd collector only for many years, also have never been on a board since lately, so I learn almost every day also. I was never into that demo stuffs, being an official releases collector. Still I consider myself a hardcore fan & collector, that is around for a few years. Same like you I guess. But to cut a long story short, we are all 1 community, young and old, where and whether we post or not, whatever we know and don’t know. I consider all of them being my friend, and together we make SPfreaks,, SPLRA, Siva, even Netphoria, and many other unique Smashing Pumpkins platforms. As webmasters, as builders, as posters, as teachers, as students. We all are driven by 1 force, our love for the music and people of the Smashing Pumpkins.

Rock on everybody! :wink:

Billy Corgan, December 2, 2008 : "Not everyone understands our death trip. But you do. And that's what matters."