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Speaking of which, where is Jimmy/D’Arcy for the Reel Time Sessions? They were around by then, correct?[/quote:2kkr38jq]
if you’re talking about the acoustic session: d’arcy was there, but jimmy wasn’t. jimmy’s absence was the main reason to record some acoustic songs. the plan was to record some songs with jimmy, but he didn’t show up, so they decided to try to record some songs anyway, because they already paid for the studio.

i find it hard to believe some of you had never heard these songs before you read this thread. my face right now: :shock:[/quote:2kkr38jq]

Thanks for the info!! I think it’s funny, I’ve been a fan for SOOOOOO long, yet, I keep discovering tracks I’ve not heard before. It’s awesome, and those acoustic ones are great.

Speaking of which, everyone know about the Spun ‘Soundtrack’ being leaked, correct?

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