Reply To: My tix for Detroit say \" no audio/video recording\"!!!!

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The Fox Theatre has contacted me saying that they have recieved word that audio recording is OK, they are still waiting for the video part to be allowed. Also, Ticketmaster is going to be contacted to post a statement in regards to the recording at SP shows as well.[/quote:guj8xszd] if you do audio record it, would it be possible if you split it up (into each song) put them in a .zip folder, and then upload it to megauploads/sendspace/yousendit please? i like having live songs, and if i could have an entire show that would be great! if, however, you dont reckon the quality is good at all… then dont worry about it. i dont want them to be unlistenable :lol:

So apparently I don't post very often these days