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But I was here for Superlordspamulon actually. Can I ask you a favor Superlordspamulon, since you seem to like live music? It would be helpful to SPfreaks when after you download a complete show, check on Tour & Recording History if it’s there and then: could you take notes of how long each track is (NOT the MP3 length, as it contains stage banter etc! but the actual song from startnote till endnote) and email it to us on I will upload that info on there, but you will get the credits for the job of course. Same question to BleedingTheOrchid and others. Really, it would be very helpful I noticed this weekend working on it. My smiley for that job I did would be :roll: !!![/quote:3kktz9z8] hah i’ll try :)

So apparently I don't post very often these days