Reply To: My tix for Detroit say \" no audio/video recording\"!!!!

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Its kind of funny actually, I was the first person in line when the tix went on sale, I had back surgery awhile ago that messed me up, i have to use a cane to get around. Ticketmaster assigned me these seats due to walking difficulty. Maybe i found one shining light to having a stupid cane…lol!!![/quote:2zfk6ir6]
yeah i read your story about it in the getting deep thread i believe, sorry to hear that. however recording that show with that spfreaks shirt on and being in the dvd at the same time, rocking your cane around (hidden mic inside? :lol: ), can you believe it? i’m getting jealous here actually thinking about it. you really would have your 5 minutes of fame toad32r!

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