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yeah, that’s my point. maybe i do own a test pressing and then it just got passed on as a white label promo. for these particular releases (SD 12" singles), i think any test pressings were handled this way.

i used to own two copies of the machina 2LP promos. both IDENTICAL, except one read test pressing and one was blank. it was handwritten on the white label. i sold the one that said test pressing, because i like clean copies.

so, to me anyway, there is no difference (with respect to those two examples).

but like i’ve said before, if you take the tristessa 7", for a specific example, that’s a test pressing because it was never meant to serve any promotional purposes (or porpoises, for that matter). it’s gotta be impossible to know if any of these SD 12" wlps are test pressings versus wlps. i can go get a sharpie right now and turn my wlp into a test pressing. know what i mean?

one copy of my peel sessions comes with a reaction report. a piece of paper attached to it to describe any errors. but even that is just a piece of paper attached to the outside of a normal-looking wlp. does that make it a test pressing then?

i also have a dj report for my stand inside your love 12" wlp, but i wouldn’t reclassify that as a test pressing. even though it very well could be. i guess it depends on the ultimate use of the vinyl.

i think the cherub rocks are all test presses mixed in with wlps. i don’t think you can distinguish the two. at least, no one has been able to yet…???[/quote:26ejc2qg]

1. yep: it’s very difficult with the SD 12"s. at least there was no WL promo for the SD 7"s so those are all test presses.

2. anyone, indeed, could have just written ‘test pressing’ on a WL LP for MACHINA, correct. Still, sometimes these TPs don’t yet have the matrix stamper or another matrix code than the finished and approved one and that could be a clue. I don’t think, as far as I know, this applies to TSP, but this is known for others band in collectors circles.

3. you might be able to tell the difference…
normally a true TP will not come with a generic sleeve or a sheet with info or bio/promo. these are usually in non-production sleeves and could come with a reference / check sheet for quality inspection of the pressing. these tend to get lost sometimes. especially in the UK WL promo 12"s were widely used in advance promotion. this has something to do with copyrights too in a way.

however: think about it….

if it SOUNDS like the official commercial release, the chance is immense these WL promo 12"s are in fact stamped from the same master. because: you would not want to promo out a non- approved copy/master, right? now, it’s pretty likely the mastering / pressing plant does a sterling job and the TP is right away approved. normally there are 5 – 10 TPs for any given release to be checked. if these are OK-ed then production is started. first with the WL 12"s promos and then with the commercial release form. so sonically there might be a way to tell any difference, however slight…

i know for a fact there’s a TP for MACHINA on which the A SIDE was not playable due to the massive bass levels in TEG. even now it’s massive, still. BC had them recut the A SIDE, at least. when confronted with the massive bass levels, BC in person told me: "well tough luck, it was even worse with the first cut"…

there are also releases (haven’t checked for TSP though) in which the matrix codes don’t match up for example, the A SIDE has a different code when compared with the B SIDE. normally these will match as the stampers for a pair. just imagine the codes do match on a WL copy but don’t on the first pressing of the commercial release, then the WL is definately a TP. that’s a clue somewhere down the line a new master / stamper was made with another matrix code.

4. Tristessa -> the 5 red ones are all true TPs, indeed.

5. PS -> a reaction form might indeed point in the direction of a TP. depends an which kind of form it is.

6. SIYL WL 12" -> the DJ sheet to me only confirms it was used as a WL promo 12". for TP use they would have used a different quality check form.

7. for the CR 12" -> if the TP was OK-ed first time around, then it’s virtually impossible to tell any difference, unless you know the lineage / provenance for sure. if the matrix codes are the same as the commercial release, then this would look like the first TP was perfect already. still: technically, the TPs and WLs will not have been mixed up, because the WLs were pressed only after the OK on the TPs. can you tell now? i guess not, onyl, maybe if you can hear any difference…or for sure know it’s the TP, because of the provenance.