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This will happen because I know if I have kids they WILL be Pumpkins fans! :D

But seriously,I don’t see why not.Alot of indie and emo/punk bands cite the band as a major influence,and I know when I was younger and heard my favourite bands talking about their favourite bands,I made a point of checking them out. Especially these days when we have google,youtube and all these other forms of online media,it makes it so much easier for people to check them out,whereas when I was younger,I had to take the gamble and buy the album if nobody I knew had it.[/quote:2l4qq7cv]

That’s true, but the internet can also be a con for music. With digital music around, people don’t see the worth of physical copies. Which is kinda sad in my opinion, since I love just looking at my collection… But anyway, the overall attention span seems shorter. Being a fan now means having more than 10 songs on your iPod. At least, that’s my experience.

That being sad, things like Guitar Hero are a great way of introducing people to the band. Billy appearing in Guitar Hero: World Tour was a good move!

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