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Yeah I bought it. I put in a high bid, and some guy crept it up. He should of kept going, for only $20 more, it could have been his.

However, it’s not. It’s mine now. :twisted:[/quote:3s0zqozp]

But why put in such a high bid, so you wouldn’t have to wait at the end of the auction to see what happened? It is kinda like one of those situations where you threw up a crazy bid, thinking it’d never get that high and someone called your bluff. But I guess if you put in a bid of $285, you obviously felt the tape was worth that much.

But for the final price, hey, look at it this way….$135 per song. STEAL!! :twisted:[/quote:3s0zqozp]

yes and no. i put in a high bid because if someone did eclipse it, they’d have to pony up big for it. meaning, pay more than what i think it’s worth. it’s the only way i can justify someone else having it.

realistically, the tape should be valued around $150-$200, so i got screwed a little. but i make enough money to afford these little gems, so i deal.

plus, routinely, i find rarities for pennies on the dollar:

2X teitbite promo 7"s: one for $13, one for $8
1979 mixes French promo: $9
Daughter relfex magazine w/ 7" flexi: $15

It all evens out in the end. And I’m proud to own it.

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