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Actually, I’ve been having trouble recently even being able to access the site. It just won’t load. And when I try from work, we have a T1 connection, so I know it’s not that. Anyone else had these problems?[/quote:1ktclgrd]
Yeah, though the SPfreaks Forum was always online I heard from several sources. How was that at your place manillascissor? Did the forum disappear too? For several days some Dutch provider did probably hard- or software maintenance and forgot to keep online for the whole www. RedWolf called it a "netsplit" (whatever that may be, he couldn’t do anything anyhow). In some parts of NL here the site was always available I heard (Brabant, Gouda), and in other parts (Den Haag, Leiden) it wasn’t. Weird. Hopefully it all works fine now again.

Back to Superlordspamulon’s subject. I just LOVE the lay-out of the forum, I hope you all too? Then we don’t have to change that, at least not now. Superlordspamulon, what do you think?

But OK, who of the SPfriends is gonna climb the SPfreaks barricades and make this place undead again? What are the ideas and who has time to work them out and even better: wants to try them out!?

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