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We forgive you Return. Take your time. As long as you’re still around, that’s all that matters!!!

Superlord- wow! Those little buttons/banners are pretty damn cool! Looks like it took no time at all!!! You really do have a talent with the artsy side of the internet, and i admire that. good work.[/quote:1mmg9113]

Thanks :) It’s kind of a hobby. For both of the comps on here, image creation played a key role, and i was there, maxing out my entries and creating surplus images :lol: I also create profile skins for the social networking site ‘Bebo’. I’ve made quite a few, but none have been featured thus far. Made quite a few smashing pumpkins related ones as well :)

I’m only using Macromedia Fireworks as well. Which is good for basic image editing, but nothing like photoshop.

So apparently I don't post very often these days