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Marquis is probably my fave non-album track

There’s just something about the vocals that make it! I remember it came on in my car,and my friend,who doesn’t lik S.P.. ,went ”whoooaaah,what the fuck is that……thats not the pumpkins!”.He thought it was the best B.C. vocal take he had ever heard,and i agree to a certain extent.

I love it![/quote:3t3jp9iw]

Crush [6]
Mayonaise [4]
Slunk [5]
Hello Kitty Kat [4]
Porcelina of the Vast Oceans [6]
Marquis in Spades [9] +
Tear [7]
Age Of Innocence [5]
Dross [3]
Blissed and Gone [6]
Glynis [2]
7 Shades of Black [4]
99 floors [3] –
As Rome Burns [6]

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