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game, set, match. :)

well done.[/quote:1y23sia2]


and: there MIGHT not have been any need for a test press for Rocket on peach vinyl…


– the Rocket 7" was released with the box in late 1994.
– the Siamese Singles 4 x 7" was released in the box, around the very same time.


– the pressing plates used to press the black 7" singles for the box—
– for: Cherub Rock, Today and Disarm were ‘tested’ again on black wax—
– for: Rocket: also: on black wax—
– both the run for the Siamese Singles box set inclusion of Rocket—
– and for the Rocket peach 7"—
– were pressed using the same pressing plates—
– which were tested in the same time-frame—
– and which were used in the same time-frame—
– i.e.: from pressing plates ‘tested’ via a ‘test-press’ on ONLY black wax for Rocket—


– i highly suspect there was never any need for a test press on peach wax for Rocket—
– and: there might just never have been one to start with—

makes sense, right???