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On Voidhanger wrote:
That’s not a cherub, that’s a putto… but the artwork is great.


"In modern English the word is usually used for what are strictly putti, baby or toddler angels in art."


"modern English usage has blurred the distinction, except that in the plural, "the Cherubim" refers to the literal biblical angels, while "cherubs" is used more often to refer to the childlike representations (putti) or in figurative senses."

Do we really need to get into semantics… :roll:[/quote:zps1lstc]

It’s simply a matter of correctness… just because people mostly use it wrong isn’t reason to keep doing so. Besides, some people think the cherubim had four wings and four faces, each one a different animal. Imagine the artwork with that instead of the wimpy kid with duck wings. Awesome.

I think right now I prefer the first EP, but I don’t know if that’s fair to say just yet because the first has had time to grow on me while The Solstice Bare is still a new entity to me.