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Hmmm… I’m sure you all liked it very much (and please, don’t let me stop you of course!), but I just can’t get the clue(s). To me it’s just some random & senseless scenes that are cut and paste together in no specific order, no cliffhanger(s), no real jokes, but only superficial references to persons and situations. The only 2 parts that I liked, and that brought a little smile to my face, was Jimmy drumming like crazy in the beginning, and the credits at the end… Sorry to spoil the fun, but this is what I think of it… Murder has done way better in the past, this is by far not his best work. The typical cartoon style he works with was, is and will remain awesome on the other hand. But he should work more on the storylines (he calls it "if something goes right", and then Jimmy commits suicide on the end, in a weird reference to some Terminator movie? :roll: ), and start bringing in more pointy & sharper jokes. Just my humble opinion…

I will be a fan of his work, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that this last one for April Fools is missing me. This one however, cracked me in 4 pieces! A welldone piece of work!


As you know, this video is a parody of the documentary "If All Goes Wrong". The title "If Something Goes Right" is a play on the words "If All Goes Wrong" which alludes to the point that nothing seems to go right for Billy throughout the entire documentary.

The video does jump from one scene to another, without much of a storyline, because that is how the original documentary was presented, and because it would have been boring to try to duplicate every single scene. In the original documentary, they often cut between scenes of Billy in his hotel room, to scenes of the band on stage, to scenes of interviews after the show. The main point is that each scene represents a step in the process of playing shows and writing songs.

Truth be told, there’s not much of a story in the documentary, it’s more about the process, so to make humor out of it, one has to pick out specific scenes of interest and alter them in a funny way. This sort of editing relies that the viewer has already seen the original documentary, otherwise most of the jokes won’t make sense. For example, when one scene shows Billy sitting on a bed and jamming vegetables into his mouth, it’s already an odd situation. So, it becomes funnier by making him eat things like entire eggplants and flowers. Part of the humor is also the exaggeration of personalities, such as Billy’s angry temper.

There’s also the subplot of the Terminator. I thought it would be funny to have this seemingly mundane documentary about concerts and music-making suddenly transform into an odd action-movie plot involving a bust of Billy turning into a robot that wants to kill him. The news of Jimmy leaving the band also lent the opportunity to add an extra layer of parody by mimicking the well-known ending of Terminator 2, in which Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character lowers himself into a molten pit to help save humanity.

So I hope that may explain it a little better. Thank you for watching. :)

And, Arthur, I appreciate that you like my "James I." animation. I actually think less people understood that one than the new one. It’s actually based on a movie as well.