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Yeah that quote is just brilliant! And then those people in the audience just moving like zombies on Zero… This episode you got is on a DVD called Backstage Pass right?[/quote:1zj8kf3j] lol and onstage, the only one who moves is d’arcy, and even then she just bobs up and down :lol:

and you can get it on that dvd – i opted for the series 7 boxset :lol:

little known fact – the "billy corgan, smashing pumpkins etc." quote was ORIGINALLY gonna be:
"hi homer i’m a big fan, courtney love"
"wow thanks, homer grateful"
this was when they had love/hole on the episode… but then one of the bands decided that they couldnt work with love, and the simpsons writers really needed the un-named band on the show. but they didnt need love. so yes, billy wasnt the original one for the joke :shock:

So apparently I don't post very often these days