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… The "epic" songs you know? And I think Adore is brilliant. … [/quote:a1cwz6lv]
Yes I know. Also United States, or Gossamer, or the new version (late 2007 tour version) of Heavy Metal Machine, I Am One with the long rant in the old days… I love it. And Adore is indeed brilliant, it had to grow on me when it came out, but yes, Tear, Pug, Ava Adore… awesome. We seem to be almost on the same level when it comes to the Smashing Pumpkins, cool.[/quote:a1cwz6lv]

Love Gossamer… 8)
I’m actually listening Gossamer (live at Oeiras Alive, the concert in Lisbon last year…)

Sorry for the double post, but i don’t know how to delete it !