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i don’t count that stupid i-tunes stuffs[/quote:hmpox95u] there seems to be a surprisingly high amount of itunes hatred here.
i dont like them either.
mainly because they allow bands to release singles, where you get one b-side on the cd, one on each of the two vinyls of it they release, and BOTH on the itunes version! (mcr, im looking at you…)
thank god for fan sites with free downloads! :D[/quote:hmpox95u]

I actually like itunes for what it was intended for, you know, playing music on the ipod. but itunes on my computer as an audio player is a whole other story. everytime i open a new browser or an adobe file or anything that makes my computer "think", itunes gets all fuzzy. the REALLY bad part is that it doesn’t self recover. i usually have to restart the freaking song! it’s so annoying!

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