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no killing each other boys. :P we should really all get along here. we are a good group and should keep it that way by being nice :wink: or if we are being bratty at least being light-hearted about it. [/quote:15z0ymqb]
wrestling match could always work, body slams :twisted: LOL…you could even have Billy’s little ad promo playing in the background :P

It makes no sense to me, actually. I would do it the other way round: only some very remarkable concerts on a proper physical release, and if possible, all (or most) concerts in digital download formats.[/quote:15z0ymqb]

and i agree with you Arthur. i figured it would be that way. it makes the most sense to me too and it seems more beneficial from a money standpoint.

me too sounds like a pretty good idea as far as live content is concerned…