Reply To: Mosh Pit Turns Deadly for a Smashing Pumpkins Fan

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On Arthur wrote:

The article said there were 3800 people in attendance (not a HUGE show) which leaves me wondering if he could have died some way other than moshing?[/quote:w678je3i]
Cool As Ice Cream answers that question already with his link. Behing that link it says:

"just to let you all know, he wasn’t crowd surfing, moshing, doing anything stupid. He was simply on the floor watching the concert, and had a freak seizure and his heart stopped. He had no history of epilepsy, and we had gone to tons of concerts before, so it was just some freak of nature seizure thing that decided to happen at that concert and not some other…"

This is probably said by 1 of his friends that attended the Vancouver show also.

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