Reply To: Mosh Pit Turns Deadly for a Smashing Pumpkins Fan

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It’s probably a good idea… people always get hurt. But seriously, how do you enforce that?[/quote:2pwakzwg]

you don’t. well, not officially. but there are the unspoken rules of the ‘pit however. 1) someone falls over, you WILL pick them up immediately. 2) you find a shoe/shirt etc. on the floor, you hold it above your head so someone can claim. 3) don’t be a cunt. just because you and others will get hurt, doesn’t mean you go in looking for a fight etc… if that makes sense :lol:

thanks to those rules i’ve been generally fine.

but also, to stop surges and crowd surfing, just put up barriers halfway through the crowd, so that the people right at the back arent pushing on the people right at the front.

in the end, it all comes down to how well the place is set up to stop moshing etc. and also other people helping, which they usually do.

So apparently I don't post very often these days